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We carry two types of mattresses.  Those with an innerspring coil and those with a natural rubber core.  It really depends on your preference. 



                                    Rubber Core          Innerspring Core



                                    CRIB MATTRESSES WITH AN INNERSPRING CORE 


                   Organic Crib Mattress             Organic Crib/Toddler Mattress
                 With Cotton Quilted Outer                    With Edge Clips

                                       Organic Crib Mattress with an Innerspring Core                                             Organic Crib Mattress with an Innerspring Core    

                                 260 untreated steel coils                               260 untreated steel coils
                                 cotton/wool quilted outer                             cotton/wool quilted outer



                                 CRIB MATTRESSES WITH A NATURAL RUBBER CORE


            Organic Crib Mattress                Organic Crib Mattress                Dual-Sided Organic
         With Cotton Quilted Outer       With Moisture Resistant Outer       Crib Toddler Mattress


           6" natural rubber core                    6" natural rubber core              2 natural rubber cores
                  quilted outer                           moisture resistant outer                    quilted outer




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