Custom Size Mattress With Zippered Cover

Custom Size Mattress With Zippered Cover

We can make any size and shape to fit an heirloom or handmade bed.


We start with a natural rubber latex core and cut it to the specified dimensions. All of the latex  is sourced from 100% natural sources, namely hevea brasiliensis trees in Sri Lanka and India. Our Dunlop processed latex is durable and long lasting. 


Our organic latex comes from one of two companies depending on supply and availability. You can view the Eco Institut and the Oeko Tex Certificates for our Arpico (Richard Pieris) organic latex and its GOLS Certificate here. Here for our Innergetic organic latex is its GOLS certificate and here is its Oeko Tex Certificate. For those of you who really like the details, here is the laboratory report of their VOC testing. See page 23 for the list of test substances.


Our zippered covers are made from a one-of-a-kind waterproof cotton fabric that is made from two thin sheets of soft, jersey knit fabric that are laminated together with a GOTS certified laminate, the only GOTS certified product of its kind. The fabric is soft and very flexible. It does not crunch nor alter the feel of your bedding. It does a great job of blocking moisture from penetrating the mattress. It even serves as a dust mite and allergy barrier. It is not plastic and does not sound, feel or act like plastic.


We also make custom size fitted sheets. Please feel free to ask us for a quote.