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        ~Waterproof Removable Cover~        ~Custom Sizes and Shapes~        ~No Toxic Foam or Plastic Covers~

                                                                   OUR ORIGINS

Since 2009 we have been making organic baby mattresses and bedding as a healthy alternative for new parents. Whether you need an organic crib mattress, organic cradle mattress, organic bassinet mattress or a custom size baby mattress to fit an antique or heirloom piece we can accommodate you. All of our materials are tested and GOLS or GOTS certified by a third party company and test as close to 100% organic as you can get. The cotton is grown organically without the use of pesticides and the breathable extra firm Dunlop latex cores (just the right firmness for babies) are made from natural latex rubber which is extracted from the rubber tree and processed without the use of chemicals. We cut the latex cores to size and all of our zippered covers are made by hand. Our covers feature a one-of-a-kind waterproof fabric that is soft to the touch and still 100% organic!

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