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Organic Crib Mattress with Zippered Cover

Organic Crib Mattress with Zippered Cover


Our expert seamstresses start with an Organic Dunlop Latex Core and cut it to size. We use extra firm density making it completely safe for infants. The latex is perforated and therefore breathable. It is sourced from 100% natural sources, namely hevea brasiliensis trees in Sri Lanka and the Dunlop processed latex is durable and long lasting.


The Waterproof Zippered Cover is a puddle pad and ticking combined into one. This ticking enables all the convenience of moisture protection, right where you need it, on the top. The top layer of waterproof jersey fabric is sewn with a four-sided separating zipper to the twill sides and bottom, so the top layer can completely zip off for hand washing, leaving the sides of the ticking still on your mattress. This mattress case is less expensive and certainly more convenient than buying a puddle pad and ticking separately. This GOTS waterproof fabric is made from two thin sheets of soft, jersey knit fabric that are laminated together with a GOTS certified laminate, the only GOTS certified product of its kind. The fabric is soft and very flexible and does a great job of blocking moisture.


Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. If you need an order sooner please let us know as we can expedite orders depending on our workload. Please double check the measurements as mattresses cannot be returned due to incorrect measurements.

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